Welcome to Floria


Floria (formerly IrisBG Handheld) is designed to enable you to view and update your plant collection data using an Android or Apple iOS device. The database on the device is synchronized with your main database via the cloud using the Floria App Manager. When changes are synchronized back to the main database using Floria App Manager.


After downloading a dataset and map to the device, users can work without the need of a network connection. If an on-line map service is used, some data traffic may occur.


No device licence is required to use the Explore other gardens feature.

After activating your licence and login, you can search the plant collection using search fields, your GPS location or by scanning a barcode.

You can view and change details related to an accession, such as item status, location coordinates and adding new photos.

Search for and add new checklist and checklist entries.

Search for and add new assessments and assessment entries.

Access the system navigation menu for quick navigation by swiping from the left edge of the screen.

Access the screen context menu by clicking the vertical ellipsis menu button in the top right corner.

After finishing your work, upload your changes via the main dashboard.

Use the Floria App Manager on your desktop computer to download the changes to the inbox for reconciliation.

Logout via the system navigation drawer or the dashboard.



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