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Barcode scanning

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Camera scanner


Scanning barcodes with the camera is supported by clicking the barcode button on the toolbar. Please note that a device with a dedicated barcode scanner is superior in terms of performance and ease of use.


Supported barcode formats for camera scanner


2D : Data Matrix, QR Code

1D : Code 39, Code 93, Code 128


Integrated barcode scanner


Integrated barcode scanning is supported for Zebra Android devices with DataWedge intent enabled.


To integrate your Zebra barcode Android device please follow the steps below or watch this video tutorial. 

(Note that intent action name has changed to with Floria version 5)


Open the Zebra DataWedge app.

Create a DataWedge profile or use the default profile.

Ensure that the profile is enabled.

Scroll down to the section titled Intent output.

Set Enabled to on.

Select Intent action and enter intent action name = com.floriacms.scan.

NOTE: For Floria Version 4, use intent action name = com.irisbg.scan.

Select Intent delivery to Broadcast intent.

Close the app.


The barcode scanner can now be triggered by using the dedicated barcode button on the device. Please note that barcode scanning only works in relevant screens, such as the search screen.



Dual purpose QR Code support


The barcode scanning process supports QR codes that contain an website URL with record information embedded in URL parameters. A QR code can in this instance serve two purposes and provide a website URL for visitors and contain record details to be used by staff with the Floria App.


Supported parameters are:

qr : A number representing an accession record identifier.

i : A number or character represent an accession item qualifer.

a : A combination of numbers and letters representing an accession number with qualifier.


A successful scan will retreive accession with record number 1567
A successful scan will retreive accession record number 1567 and plant qualifier 2
A successful scan will retreive accession 20101504/1





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