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Storage : Up to 500 MB for app and data. Data storage usage is highly dependent on the size of plant the collection and map.

Network connectivity : Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is required when downloading and uploading data and when using online maps. If an offline map is used, no further network connection is required. A warning is displayed if you try to download or upload data using your mobile data service. Please note that this warning will not be displayed when using on-line maps. You can disable the mobile connection warning via the settings screen.

GPS : Recommended.

Camera : Required for taking photos and barcode scanning with camera.

Integrated barcode scanning : details below.


High precision GPS/GNSS


Although Floria should technically work well installed on a high precision GPS/GNSS device, we have several users instead purchasing an external receiver which then communicates with the smartphone or tablet over bluetooth. Although a slightly more complex setup, this is also more versatile in that you can use different devices and upgrade the data collectors depending on your needs. This configuration is also likely to be useful over a longer period of time.

There are many models to choose from, but we have users reporting positive feedback using:

Trimble Geospatial : R2 (Other Trimble R# products might also work well).

Juniper Systems : Geode.




Operating system


Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later.


Please note that Floria Handheld may be compatible with older versions of Android as far back as version 4.2, but we might not be able to resolve compatiblity issues should they arise.


Minimum hardware requirements


Display : WVGA 800x600. Please check our tips for small screen devices.

Memory : 2GB RAM.

Integrated barcode scanning : Zebra Android devices with DataWedge intent.


Recommended devices


Floria Handheld is designed to work well on a large range of Android devices and the list below is a small selection of devices we use for internal testing. If you are considering another device but are uncertain, please install the App first and try it out or get in touch with us.


Galaxy Tab Active 2 :
Rugged IP68 rated 8 inch tablet.

Zebra Barcode enabled devices (TC25 (SE4710), TC51, TC56) :
Rugged IP68 rated Smartphone with integrated barcode scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S Series, Google Pixel, Xiamoi Redmi 5A + Poco Fx
Consumer grade devices.

Apple iOS


Operating system


Apple iOS version 10 later.


Supported devices


Apple iPhone 5S or later.

Apple iPad Air or later.

Apple iPad Mini 2 or later.









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