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Accession screen

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The Accession screen provides you with access to the accession items, mapping locations and associated photos.


To view the accession details, click the taxon name at the top of the screen or click the details tab on the toolbar.

Changes will be saved when exiting the screen or by selecting Save via the screen menu available in the top right corner.

Use the tabs to navigate between the accession details, item details, the map and photos. 

Click the floating plus button to add a new accession item.


Accession material


When writing comments, consider using the speech to text feature if this is available.

Many fields offer Autocomplete capabilities which provide a list of suggestions while you type into the field.

You can navigate to the next items by clicking the tab or the floating next button.




The qualifier of the active accession item is displayed at the top of the screen and is identified on the map with a larger map marker.

You can navigate to the next marker by clicking the tab or using the next button in the menu.

You can change plant location by clicking the floating edit button or via the menu.

From the menu, you can also change map provider, show your location and use your location for the current map marker.

When editing a location, click the floating triangle button to display nearby plants and to triangulate distance between your marker and other plants or reference points displayed on the map.

You can also manually type in the map coordinates in the items tab, found under the "Other" section.




You can add a new photo using the camera or via a file from the menu.

The captured photo size is displayed in Megapixel with the option to reduce the photo to a smaller size to conserve storage space. The selected photo reduction size will be remembered until next time.

Photo rank is by default set to 10. Ranking is often easier to consider by comparing with existing photos of the same taxon.

The photo size and other settings can normally be changed using the capture dialogue during photo capture. You can also configure the app to reduce the photo automatically when taking pictures via the settings screen.


Accession details


In the accession details screen, you can view and update accession information such as accession comment, accession type, determination, restriction.





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