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Version 5

Version: | 5.22.0603 (iOS) - date: 2022-06-28

1.Search result can now be sorted by location reference.

2.Task entries are now listed with most recent at the top.

3.Fixed: Changing of a non-empty field in Floria to empty will no longer be ignored when submitted via App Manager.

4.Fixed: Propagation fields are not always displayed.

5.Fixed: Bing map and/or Open Street Map is not always displayed correctly in the App.


Version: | 5.21.0514 (iOS) - date: 2021-10-07

1.Fixed :  Repeated use of triangulation not working in some cases.


Version: | 5.21.0513 (iOS) - date: 2021-09-15

1.Fixed : Multiple consecutive saves from the file menu might fail without any warning.


Version: | 5.21.0512 (iOS) - date: 2021-09-10

1.Barcode actions now support short and long locations.

2.Barcode actions have now support for Label Status 1 and 2

3.Fixed issue related to users with Delete permission, not being able edit plant material.

4.Fixed issue related to “Explore other gardens” not always working properly on an activated device.

5.Other minor improvements.  


Version: | 5.21.0511 (iOS) - date: 2021-08-18

1.Warning on low disk availability is now disabled due to unreliable behaviour (Android). 

2.Introduced option to keep downloaded maps when switching between collections.

3.Accession “Identification person” can now be changed.

4.Availability of new dataset is now checked more frequently.

5.Other minor improvements.



Version:  | 5.21.0510 (iOS) - date: 2021-07-07

1.Fixed issues related to certain barcode actions not working as expected.

2.Fixed Play Store compatibility issues related to Zebra TC72 e

3.Fixed issue with “Near Me” not working properly when combined with location.

4.Fixed issue with map labels.

5.Apple iOS numeric keyboard is now displayed were applicable


Version:  | 5.21.0509 (iOS) - date: 2021-05-14

1.Fixes issue related to scientific name on map marker labels in plant material screen.

2.Fixed issue related to search by garden location not always working as expected.


Version: | 5.21.0507 (iOS) - date: 2021-05-07

1.Fixed issue with changes to Accessions not being reflected on the screen immediately after save.

2.Improved GPS accuracy for "Search Near Me".

3.Added GPS section to the settings to adjust search near me behaviour.


Version: | 5.21.0301 (iOS) - date: 2021-03-27

1.Fixed issue related to location search not including child locations.

2.Fixed issue related to conversion to UTM coordinates.


Version: | 5.21.0204 (iOS) - date: 2021-02-18

1.Added support for Dark Mode.

2.The option to apply a filter is added to Assessment and Checklists.

3.Search for accessions without plant material is improved.

4.Fixed filter by checklist not working as expected.

5.Fixed other minor issues.


Version: | 5.21.0203 (iOS) - date: 2021-02-12

1.Users can now use the Android "share to" feature to load images into Floria. This feature is also available on iOS, but limited to the files App and email attachments.

2.Image thumbnails are enlarged to full screen when clicked.

3.Fixed issues related to empty accession year and determination person.

4.Fixed other minor.


Version: | 5.21.0201 (iOS) - date: 2021-02-02

1.Improved consistency of the user experience.

2.Accession Material Map now includes the option to view plants nearby and display their name and accession numbers.

3.Checklist and Assessment Map includes the option to display labels with name and accession numbers.

4.Improved navigation from Checklist and Assessment to related list entry or associated record.

5.Map markers have been updated for improved contrast with different base map.

6.Other minor improvements.


Version: | 5.21.0101 (iOS) - date: 2021-01-18

1.Fixed issue related to small decimal changes manually entered to coordinates not being saved, unless other changes not recorded.


Version: | 5.20.1201 (iOS) - date: 2020-12-16

Version 5 of Floria Handheld is a substantial technical upgrade which includes the following improvements:

1.A technical upgrade of software frameworks and redesign of data handling which has delivered enhanced performance and user experience. The performance improvements are in particular noticeable when dealing with larger checklists, assessments and longer barcode scanning sessions.

2.A new list of "pending changes" are now available from the main menu.

3.Added filtering support for checklists and assessments.

4.Support for bulk barcode scanning for improved workflow and performance.

5.Dataset can be exported to local device via settings to be used for technical support scenarios.

6.Maximum number of records returned via search can be set in settings.


Version 4

We advice customers to start planning their tranistion to version 5 of Floria Handheld which is now available from the the app store. Before you begin, please make sure you have App Manager 5 in place, upload a version 5 compatible dataset, deactivate and uninnstall Floria version 4 app.


With the most resent update, by uploading a version 5 dataset to the App Service, users of Floria v4 will be reminded to upgrade to Floria v5.


Version: | 3.6.4055 (iOS) - date: 2021-10-27

1.With this maintenance update, users will be reminded to upgrade to Floria v5 when your garden has prepared a compatible dataset for the new version.

2.Button to request new pin code has been enlarged.


Version: | 3.6.4052 (iOS) - date: 2020-11-27

1.Fixed issue with decimal values not working on certain Android devices for some languages.

2.Fixed crash when opening assessment entry details on certain Android devices.

3.Fixed issues with the "Condition and Value" fields in assessment entry. 


Version: | 3.6.4048 (iOS) - date: 2020-10-05

1.Fixed issue related to taking photos with Apple iPad.

2.Fixed issue related to rotated images on Apple iOS.

3.Fixed issues caused by changed behavior in the back button on Android.

4.Other fixes rolled out in resent updates.

5.Fixed crash issues with assessment entries occurring on the Galaxy Active Tab2

6.Compatibility update for Android devices that does not have GPS/SIM card. This includes Zebra TC72.

7.Fixed issues related to material condition drop down on some devices (related to data upload).


Version: | 3.6.4043 (iOS) - date: 2020-07-29

1.Fixed isses related to Open Streetmap and Bing map providers stopped working due to changes on iOS and Android. There are still reliability issues using Open Streetmap on Android which we are looking into.


Version: 3.6.4041 (iOS) - date: 2020-05-12

1.Fixed compatibility issues with iOS "Dark Mode", introduced with Apple iOS 13.0. Full support for "Dark Mode" will be made avaialble in the near future.


Version: | 3.6.4040 (iOS) - date: 2020-04-28

1.Fixed date issue related to new assessments (AKA inspections).


Version: | 3.6.4033 (iOS) - date: 2020-04-01

1.The term “Task” has changed name to “Checklist”.

2.The term “Inspection” has changed name to “Assessment”.

3.The term “Accession Item” has changed name to “Accession Material”.

4.Support for new condition introduced in Desktop version 4.2.2.

5.Other minor improvements.


Version: | 3.6.4032 (iOS) - date: 2020-03-26

1.Added Inspection Risk Management fields which were introduced with IrisBG Desktop 4.2.1. These fields will only be available by using the corresponding or later version of App Manager (

2.Other minor improvements


Version:  | 3.6.4031 (iOS) - date: 2020-03-11

1.Scanning an accession barcode will display a selection dialogue when adding to an item based task

2.Start cursor in selecting dialogue remembers user’s preference

3.“Use my location” is now improved

4.Changing accession number for new accessions requires admin access

5.Changing item qualifier is no longer possible

6.Clicking on inspection map marker will now open inspection detail

7.QR codes can now be scanned with Zebra scanner

8.Other minor improvements


Version: | 3.6.4024 (iOS) - date: 2019-12-17

1.The App has now been rebranded to Floria.

2.Tasks and Inspections lists are now sorted by status, priority and number in this order.

3.Other minor improvements


Version: | 3.6.4024 (iOS) - date: 2019-11-29

1.Added status date to the Tasks screen and Inspection screen

2.Tasks and Inspections lists are now sorted by status, priority and number in this order.

3.Other minor improvements


Version: | 3.6.4023 (iOS) - date: 2019-11-15

1.Duplicate scan will give you option to delete or keep task/inspection entry

2.Status date and person is now set when saving changes

3.Other minor improvements


Version: | 3.6.4023 (iOS) - date: 2019-08-30

1.Mobile network usage detection has been improved

2.Option to “Hide explore other gardens” per site installation is available (contact support to have this switch on)

3.Task search filter has been added

4.Search will now also include accessions without items (fix)

5.Default provenance will now be applied for new accessions (fix)

6.Accession type can now cleared (fix)

7.List of collections has been improved (fix)

8.Only relevant item types are displayed (fix)

9.Map search results retains position (fix)

10.Other minor improvements


Version: | 3.6.4022 (iOS) - date: 2019-08-06

1.User is given option to assign status date to "today" if the item has changed.

2.Barcode action support in search screen.

3.Pin code being reset during incomplete activation (fix)

4.Adjustment to map download workflow (fix)

Other recent changes ( | 3.6.4021 )

1.Hotfix for Android version 9 related to login issues for some devices

2.Fixed issue with "check map updates" in the Settings page

3.Improved layout in search result to ensure details are properly displayed

4.Added location code to the item locations in the main Accession screen

5.Improved formatting of dates for tasks and inspection lists


Version: | 3.6.4019 (iOS) - date: 2019-07-12

1.Search result now includes Status Date and Location Code which also are sortable

2.Lat/Long coordinates can now be changed in the item tab

3.Improved support for enlarged font on Android

4.Other minor improvements


Version: | 3.6.4018 (iOS) - date: 2019-05-27

1.This release is compatible with Floria App Manager 3.6.4 and 4.1.0 (formerly IrisBG App Manager)

2.Image size can now be reduced directly after capture

3.Default rank for new images is now set to 10

4.Added option to include search for “pending changes”

5.Simplified work-flow when adding images to unsaved accessions

6.Available storage space is now checked and appropriate warning is given

7.Option to send full dataset for support analysis is available via settings page

8.Bulk update of location in Tasks and Inspections (fix)

9.User is verified as “active” before allowing an upload or download (fix)

10.Improved device permission check regarding barcode scanner and Optical Label Text Scanner (fix)

11.Other minor improvements


Version: - date: 2019-04-17 

1.Support for recording inspections

2.Status date is updated when you change plant coordinates on the map

3.Locations are now filtered by item type (fix)

4.Tasks without entries can now be saved (fix)

5.Images added to new accessions are now handled correctly (fix)

6.Nearby marker is now visible, also when editing (fix)

7.Other minor improvements 


Version: - date: 2019-03-14 

1.Sorting of search result

2.All dropdowns now allow you to clear the field content

3.Sections in accession and item page are expandable

4.Shortcut to assign current user as "Status Person"

5.Pick list of locations now exclude inactive locations

6.Other minor improvements


Version: - date: 2019-02-08 

1.Technical upgrade of component libraries

2.Map marker colour indicate plant status (item status)

3.Location ref is now populated correctly - requires latest version of App Manager (fix)

4.Conserved accession numbers are handled correctly for new items (fix)

5.Inactive locations are hidden from pick list (fix)

6.Number of task item is now listed on task tab

7.Added support for Proxy server

8.Barcode Actions - see App Manager Help more details (Beta)

9.Improved login time under difficult network conditions

10.Other minor improvements


Version: - date: 2018-12-14 

1.It is now possible to record tasks (Item and Accessions).

2.Device licence can be activated using barcode scanner together with the latest App Manager.

3.Accession number field will assume taxon name search if no number is entered.

4.Alphabetical indexer is now available for event "pick list".

5.Adding accession or item directly to an existing task is available from menu.

6.Users can switch between Long and short location codes in settings

7.Other minor improvements.


Version: - date: 2018-10-30 (Includes release

1.First production ready release for Apple iOS.

2.Search by accession number has now support for partitial search.

3.Image provider field is now available (prepopulated with the current user name).

4.Plants nearby when editing plant coordinates no longer display dead plants.

5.Issue with multiple roles has been fixed.

6.Item records without dates does not fail unless they are changed.

7.Other minor improvements.

Other recent improvements

1.Fixed issues downloading dataset without a garden map.

2.Redesign of drop down lists to improve usability.

3.Search without selecting from drop down list will now work as expected.

4.Fixed issue when user login without any active datasets available.

5.Fixed issue when user have declined permission to use location information.

6.Fixed issue related to decimal seperator for map coordinates.

7.First production release

8.Option for users to select "Keep me signed in" during login. To reset session, use logout from main dashboard.

9.Show my location is now persistent throughout the app until you disable this feature.

10.Technical upgrade of data access with improved performance.


Version: Beta - date: 2018-09-14 (Include release 1809?)

1.Release candidate

2.GPS location now use Google Play service with improved response time and accuracy.

3.Selected plant from map is now highlighted in the accession item list.

4.Improved handling of map download.

5.Resolved issues regarding App not recognizing that a new dataset is available.

6.Download dataset for current collection can now be started directly from the main dashboard.

7.Improved usability when download datasets.

8.Fixed issues related to downloading maps for different providers.

9.Location list will now filter on location code and name and is displayed in alphabetical order.

10.Fixed issues related to "upload changes", "device licence deactivation" and "Reset pin code".

11.Other minor bug fixes.


Version: Beta - date: 2018-08-06

1.Improved stability under unreliable network conditions.

2.Improved performance.

3.When enabling "Show my location", the map will now keep it's zoom and location if your GPS location is within the displayed map region.

4.Warning is displayed if you try to download or upload data using your mobile data service (not Wi-Fi).

5.Added restriction fields for Accessions and Items.

6.Public Datasets for "Explore other gardens" can now be shared with publish restrictions taken into account.

7.The app will remember "More" search option selection between sessions.

8.Database version control is added to prevent users from using an incompatible database.

9.Help is now available from the system navigation menu (swipe from the left edge).

10.Minor bug fixes.


Version: Beta - date: 2018-07-04

1.Added support for integrated barcode scanning with Zebra handhelds.

2.Camera barcode scanner is extended to support Data Matrix and inverted barcodes.

3.Minor bug fixes.


Version: Beta - date: 2018-06-28

1.Show nearby plants and survey points when editing coordinates.

2.Real-time triangulation with nearby plants and survey points.

3.Support for imperial measurements where applicable.

4.Link to the Garden Explorer website where available.

5.Enhanced barcode scanning capabilities.

6.Search by accession number ignores other filters.

7.Search is limited to 5000 records.

8.Click on the details tab opens Accession Page.

9.Today button for Determination Date.

10.Added Accession Origin Name.

11.Several bug fixes and improvements.


Version: Beta - date: 2018-06-01

Includes version

1.Support for camera barcode scanning.

2.Support for offline maps.

3.Show current location.

4.Two new sample gardens.

5.Improved contrast for markers.

6.Use current location to update coordinates.

7.Automatically use current item with pictures.

8.Introduced hamburger menu and simplified blue radial menu.

9.Dedicated save button from hamburger menu.

10.Search “near me” is easier.

11.Status date can be assigned with one click.

12.Add pictures from file.

13.GPS location can be emulated for any garden.

14.Other minor technical improvements.


Version: Alpha - date: 2018-05-15

Initial Alpha release for user conference workshop





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