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Version: - date: 2020-05-27

1.Compatibilty service upgrade to IrisBG Desktop 4.2.3.


Version: /  - date: 2020-04-20

1.Fix - issue related to date filter on task upload.


Version: - date: 2020-03-31

1.The term “Task” has changed name to “Checklist”.

2.The term “Inspection” has changed name to “Assessment”.

3.New Option during upload to filter “Checklist” and “Assessment” on date and status.

4.Support for new material condition introduced in Desktop version 4.2.2.

5.Other minor improvements.


Version: - date: 2020-03-26

1.Added support for Inspection Risk Management Fields introduced with IrisBG Desktop 4.2.1. These fields are available with the latest app version.

2.Other minor improvements.


Version: | - date: 2020-03-11

1.Export to csv file the "Ready for inbox" screen has been extended to include tasks and task entries. This can be used to resolve inbox issues where referring records have been removed on the desktop since the last sync.

2.Improved handling of images when loading to inbox.

3.Compatible service upgrade to IrisBG Desktop 4.2.1. Please note that new inspection fields introduced in IrisBG Desktop 4.2.1 is scheduled to be included in the next release.

4.Other minor improvements.


Version: - date: 2020-02-18

1.Hotfix. Fixed issue related to new installations having difficulties connecting to the service after rebranding.


Version: -  date: 2020-01-27

1.Hotfix. Fixed issue related to new installations having difficulties connecting to the service.


Version: | - date: 2019-12-17

1.Software has been rebranded to Floria

2.Version 4.1.0 is now in maintanance mode. No new features will be added.


Version: - date: 2019-11-25

1."Export to csv" file is available from the "ready for inbox" screen

2.Send log files to support are available from the menu and in case of software errors

3.User have now the option to view processed "data changes". These changes can also be resubmitted to the inbox or exported. 

4.Version 3.6.4 is now in maintenance mode. No new feature are being added

Version: | - date: 2019-08-28

1.Support for batch processing via Floria Batch Jobs (formerly IrisBG BatchJobs)

2.Support for synchronizing via IrisBG Desktop Inbox "Synchronize" toolbar button

3.New field "notes" for assets in licenses screen

4.Issue when saving maps (fix)

5.Sort order retained in licences screen after Save (fix)

Version: | - date: 2019-08-06

1.Improvements to Barcode Actions Template to align with changes to the latest App version.

Version: | - date: 2019-06-05

1.Please note that the first three parts of the version number indicate compatibility with the equivalent Desktop version (where applicable). Version compatible with Desktop Service upgrade with minor improvements .

Version: - date: 2019-04-24

1.Support for inspections and improved handling of tasks

2.Statistics on data changes uploaded by users

3.Synchronizing data to different collection sites in same session (fix)

4.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2019-03-14

1.Map list is sorted by name.

2.Collection Site column to "ready for inbox" page is now available.

3.Admin access to "inbox" is now required to view and edit licenses.

4.Improved handling of proxy server.

5.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2019-02-08

1.Location ref is now populated correctly during upload (fix).

2.Barcode action templates are available (Beta).

3.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2018-12-14

1.Licence activation with barcode scanning is now available (Requires the latest app version).

2.Support for proxy server.

3.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2018-11-7

1.Uploading App Dataset will now include all locations and accessions (Fix: Publish restrictions are now ignored). 

2.More detailed error information is now available for issues during start up.

3.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2018-10-1

1.You can now assign an asset name to the active app licenses. The device id is available from the App settings screen.

2.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2018-09-11

1.Maps can now be made public (Applicable for institutions who use the Explorer other gardens option).

2.Improved error handling under difficult network conditions.

3.An error log is now available via the menu.

4.Other minor improvements.

Version: - date: 2018-08-01

Initial release 





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