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Grant Access to SQL Server database

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App Manager version 5 will require a dedicated database connection to your SQL Server Database. If you use the Botanical Software cloud database service, we will prepare the database connection for App Manager during the activation process. 


For other users, you can either use your existing IrisBG database user or create a dedicated database user for the App Manager with read access. To create a dedicated user, you can follow the steps below. If you are uncertain, please contact your database administrator with the following details.


Create a database user and grant access to your SQL Server database


Login to the database using SQL Server Management Studio.

Select the master database and open a new query window.

Create a new user by running the following script on the master database:

                    CREATE LOGIN FloriaAppMan WITH PASSWORD = 'mysecurepassword';


Select the IrisBG database and open a new query window.

Grant access to IrisBG database with the following scripts on the IrisBG database:

                    CREATE USER FloriaAppMan;

                    exec sp_addrolemember db_datareader, FloriaAppMan;


Run the App Manager and complete the database connection details.






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