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Migrating to Floria Handheld v5

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Please follow these steps when migrating to Version 5 of Floria.


Before you begin

Ensure that you have the latest version of App Manager installed.

Please note that App Manager 5 can service both version 4 and version 5 of the App. However, when you have started the migration, you will be required to upload separate datasets for each version. For the sake of convenience, we recommend that you upgrade all your devices to version 5 within a short space of time.

Ensure that you have a version 5 compatible dataset uploaded to the App Service before you start the migration of any device. Use App manager upload Dataset feature and select "Floria 5" from the "Dataset to upload" section. After this is completed, you can now start the migration.


Migrating a device

Start version 4 of the App on the device. Select "sign-out" from the settings screen to deactivate the license.

Uninstall Floria 4.

Download and install "Floria v5" from the App Store. Note. Search for "Floria v5"

Start the App and sign in with the email address associated with your Floria user account.

You can now sign in with your user id and pincode.

Request new pin code if needed.






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