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Assessment screen

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Use the Assessment* screen to list existing assessments or create new insepctions.


Insepctions are listed by "Owner". Click on the "Owner" field at the top of the screen to filter on a different "Owner".

To add a new inspection, click the "plus" button on the toolbar.


*Note: The term "Assessment" equates to the term "Inspection" used in IrisBG Desktop.


Working with Assessments


The checklist screen is divided into three tabs.


The first tab contain the details regarding the inspection.

The second tab contains a list of all the recorded inspection entries.

The map tab displays all the plants related to the inspection.


To change details regarding a inspection entry, click the "accession number" link to open the inspection entry record. You can also change the status by clicking the status field.


To add new entries, click the "plus" button. Note that items can also be added to an existing insepction, directly from the accession item screen.





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